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Saturday, February 8, 2020

February 08, 2020



In this post i will discuss varieties of herbal formulae available in local Herbal medicine for the treatment and curing of Stroke.
What do we mean by Stroke? A stroke occurs when the supply of blood to the brain is either interrupted or reduced. When this happens, the brain does not get enough oxygen or nutrients, and brain cells start to die.
There are three main types of stroke:
Ischemic Stroke:
This is the most common type of stroke. A blood clot prevents blood and oxygen from reaching the brain.
Hemorrhagic Stroke:
This occurs when a weakened blood vessel ruptures and normally occur as a result of aneurysms or arteriovenous malformations.
Transient Ischemic Attacks:
Also referred to as a mini-stroke, these occur after blood flow fails to reach part of the brain. Normal blood flow resumes after a short amount of time, and symptoms cease.
The different types of stroke have different causes. However, stroke is more likely to affect people if they have the following risk factors:
Being overweight
Being aged 55 years or older
A personal or family history of stroke
An inactive lifestyle
A tendency to drink heavily, smoke, or use illicit drugs
The best way to prevent a stroke is to address the underlying causes. This is best achieved through lifestyle changes, including:
Eating a healthy diet
Maintaining a healthy weight
Exercising regularly
Do not smoke tobacco
Avoiding alcohol or drink moderately
Eating a nutritious diet means including plenty of fruits, vegetables, and healthy whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes.
Be sure to eat little or no red or processed meat and limit intake of cholesterol and saturated fats.Minimize salt intake to support healthy blood pressure.
Keep your blood pressure under control
Manage your diabetes
Ewe ewuro (Bitter leaves)
Ewe efinrin( basil/Scent leaves)
Kafura pelebe (edible flat camphor)
Alubosa aayu (Garlic)
Put everything in clean water and squeeze it.
The patient will be drinking one glass of the decoction two times a day.
Ewe dasa (unidentified)
Ewe ogbo (Parquetina nigresence)
Odidi atare Kan ( A whole alligator pepper)
You will grind everything together,
Stroke patient will be using it with eko or ogi (corn meal) every three day interval
Ewe Amununtutu pupa (Red spinach/
Amaranthus dubius)
Omi igbin(water collected from snail)
Osan wewe(lime orange)
Epo pupa (red palm oil)
You will use the water you obtain from the snail to squeeze everything together.
You will be adding a shot of it to hot water to drink.
Ewe gboro ayaba/Oluganbe (leaves of Ipomoea asarifolia)
Ewe Orupa (leaves of Hymenocardia acida)
Eeru Alamo (Negro Pepper/Xylopia aethiopica)
You will put the three aforementioned item inside a clay pot. Filled it up with water.Boil it for thirty minute.
Stroke patient will drinking one glass of this three times daily and they will be bathing with it.
Ewe odundun (leaves of Kalanchoe crenata)
Ewe tete (Amaranthus viridis)
Ewe ewuro (Bitter leaves)
The three aforementioned item will be grind together,You will mix it with Ori (shea butter).
The stroke patient will be applying it to the affected part of the body.
Ese eran ewure mererin (four feet of any type of goat)
You will burn it to fine powder. Make incision on the affects part of the body with stroke.
Apply the powder on the incision.
Alubosa elewe(Allium aescalonicum)
Imi ojo (Sulphur)
Kannafuru (Clove/Syzygium aromaticum)
Egbo ipeta tutu (Fresh roots of Securidaca Longepedunculata)
You will burn and grind the entire aforementioned item together to form a fine powder and sundry it and blend to fine powder.
Stroke patient will be using to eat hot porridge two times daily. The person must be sitting on broom for some time daily as this will aid quick recovery.
Ewe Ibepe (leaves of Carica Papaya)
Ewe pear(leaves of pear)
Boil the two aforementioned leaves together ,
Stoke patient will be drinking one glass of the decoction three times a day for two month.
There are more and more but I'll stop here for now
Please visit local herbal sellers in your area for more about the herbal ingredients above and please do not prepare all herbal above.
Please do not allow stroke patient to drink palm kernel oil (it may worsen the ailment depend on the body system)
Rehabilitation is an important and ongoing part of treatment. With the right assistance and the support of loved ones, rehabilitation to a normal quality of life is possible, depending on the severity of the stroke.
Please note that Strokes can lead to long-term health problems. The faster a person with suspected stroke receives medical attention, the better their prognosis will be, and the less likely they will be to experience permanent damage or DEATH.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

February 01, 2020

FG laude Governor Udom Emmanuel for Commitment to Ibom Deep Seaport

FG lauds Governor Udom Emmanuel for Commitment to Ibom Deep Seaport

.. over 10, 000 jobs to be created
…Operations start in March, 2020
Highly satisfied with the progress of work at the Ibom Sea Port, the Federal Government has stated that it has fully adopted the project and therefore commends Akwa Ibom Government for its focus and commitment towards ensuring that the seaport becomes functional within record time.
Speaking while on an on-the-spot assessment of progress of work on the project located in Mbo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, today, the Director-General, Infrastructure Concession Regulating Commission (ICRC), Mr. Chidi Audu-Izuwah, said what he has seen further confirms Gov. Udom Emmanuel’s determination and promise to industrialize the State and thus make it a regional commercial hub.
The DG who led a team of technical partners, officials from supervising Federal Ministry of Transport, Nigeria Ports Authority, and other stakeholders for the on-the-site tour of the seaport, said that judged by the natural depth of the seaport and the sophisticated modern facilities it hopes to have, the project on completion has the capacity to create upwards of 5000 to 10, 000 employment opportunities and also impact positively on revenue generation for the country.
“I am so delighted to see these things by myself today. Ibom Deep Seaport will be the best seaport in Nigeria and the sub-region with natural depth, and it will also help to decongest Lagos, Port Harcourt and other seaports. I’m amazed at the level of work recorded so far by the Akwa Ibom State Government”, Mr. Izuwah expressed.
The highly impressed visiting DG further stated that with the project, Akwa Ibom State holds greater hope not only for its citizens and but the entire country and wished that it was ready just now: "How I wish the seaport was ready just now to solve our many needs. It has the ability to create 5000 to 10, 000 direct jobs” he estimated. He then reiterated that the federal government has fully adopted the project and shall do everything possible to support the state government towards driving the project to logical conclusion within time frame.
He observed that, the road infrastructure outlay designed for access to and evacuation of goods and services from the deep seaport was world class and visionary, adding that, as God's natural gift to Nigeria, Ibom Deep Seaport will be harnessed by the Federal Government in collaboration with the Akwa Ibom State Government, the National Assembly,Techni
cal Partners and core investors to decongest Lagos when it becomes operational.
The DG said the Super Highway as well as carefully designed road networks put in place by the State Government which the Works Commissioner, Mr Ephraim Inyangeyen conducted them around, is proof that, the State is very committed and determined to accomplish the vision of a functional, world class deep seaport.
Mr Izuwah dismissed fears that the Federal Government may play politics with the project, insisting that, President Muhammad Buhari is totally committed to transforming all parts of Nigeria with positive development with no political bias whatsoever.
Recall that early this month, the Akwa Ibom State governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel. had emphasized that the seaport when completed will not only improve the economy of the state but also create more employment opportunities for Nigerians across demography. Conveying his message through the Commissioner for Economic Development and Ibom Deep Seaport, Mr. Aka Okon, in a chat with newsmen, the governor had stated: “Government cannot do it alone. More hands are needed to make this project a success”.
The State contingent to today’s tour of the project led by the Commissioner for Works, Mr. Ephraim Inyangeyen, comprised the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Charles Udoh and other functionaries from relevant government ministries and parastatal
February 01, 2020



How to prepare hormonal imbalance drink.
The peel of a whole pineapple
1 big ginger
1 big lemon
1 carbage
After chopping the ingredients wash them clean, and boil for 20 minutes.
When you are done get a 2 litres keg, sieve it inside and keep.
Drink frist thing in the morning and night for 3 days.
What does this drink do?
1.It helps flushes out toxins in your body.
2.Regulate your period
3. Treat hormonal disorder
February 01, 2020



Do you know if you put a little cloves in a cup of milk and drink it on an empty stomach!!
A teaspoon of crushed cloves on your stomach with a glass of milk will treat:
1- Infertility.
2- Sexual weakness.
3- Weakness of heart, stomach, liver and kidneys.
4- My vision of the heart and joints.
5-joint pain.
6- Asthma, phlegm, cough and nose blocked.
7- Hiccups
8- Weakness of digestion.
9- Weakness of memory and misunderstanding.
10- Gas in the stomach and the gut.
11- Weakness of bladder muscles, involuntary urine and urinary incontinence.
12- Weakness of gums and teeth
13- General weakness and inaction.
14- Double the period of sexual activity
15- Weakness of vision and eye
16- Acne and skin infections from insect bites
17- Regulate blood sugar and maintain its levels.
18- Colds and fever
19- Sore throat and tonsillitis
20- Helps in the prevention of cancer.
21- Anxiety, depression and psychological conditions.
22- Hemorrhoids and inflammation diseases
Take two or three times weekly
February 01, 2020

what you don't know about red and calipha

This leaf common Know as (Red and Calipha) cure's what the Yoruba call ELA and ALEFO in children.
And it also control's and reduce the level of high blood pressure and diabetes in the body.
Get a reasonable quantity of the leaf. Rinse it very well...
For children/ baby, boil it for up to 30mins, pour it in a bowl to cool a little bit or Mixed it with ordinary water.
Use it to bath the child with any soap but our local black will aid it actions.
Then towel the child and cream with Shea butter or kernel oil.
Give the child some of it to drink....
For high blood pressure and diabetes get a reasonable quantity of the leaf squeeze the leaves and sieve it, then take about two to three spoons morning, afternoon and night.
Better still you can dry it and blend it and keep it in a can take it directly or Add into hot pap for consumption...