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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

January 28, 2020



He calls you (with his airtime), and asks how you are doing, if you have eaten, you immediately open your mouth wide and start to complain like Lasisi Elenu and tell him why hasn't he called you since morning, he's not caring, he apologizes and begs and begs, few minutes later he ends the call exasperated from all the begging.
Later on a neighbor of his who has been eyeing him calls him (with her airtime) and asks him if he has eaten, and how is he doing, her act makes him feel valued.

You are going to visit him, he's tired, but in an attempt to impress you, he enters the kitchen and prepares rice and Stew for you, you spread you self like wrapper and eat to you full. You tell him he's romantic
He comes to visit you, you were aware he was coming, he actually came hungry, you didn't cook, just like his last visit..
You were tired, he says no problem. You buy him Coke and gala.
Whereas that neighbor of his is constantly loading him with assorted foods prepared from her kitchen, you are commending him for adding weight and looking fresh these days, his neighbors food is the secret oh.

Your birthday, he bought you a pair of red Balenciaga Sneakers, and took you out.
His birthday, you bought him singlet and tooth brush, because you don't have money, do women ever have money?
His neighbor bought him a leather belt and 12 pair of stockings.

You fell sick, he almost stopped work just to take care of you.
He fell sick, you called him in the morning, one ring he didn't pick, you sent a get well message,
That was all.
You went to see him later in the evening empty handed.
His neighbor prepared pepper soup with catfish and visited him, with get well card on top.

Aunty, be honest, assuming you were this Man, which of these two Ladies would you want to marry?
This message is for some ladies.
Relationships aren't meant to revolve around one gender.
Relationships aren't designed to make one gender happy while the other gender slaves around happy or not.
Everybody should Spend, Money, airtime.. Etc
Everybody should check on Everybody
Don't Come and tell me somebody snatched your boyfriend oh.
The Man that you have, please take care of him, if you can't or don't want to, please don't be selfish and wicked, allow someone else who can to take over.
Men's happiness Matter too.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

October 10, 2019

What should I do two best friends Ask me out

Two best friends Ask me out

It happened to me today in school.

There is one man that normally help me and do most of my things including shopping.
Sometimes when I'm hungry, I will call him and tell him that I'm hungry and he will said I should either come house and eat or he will send me some money to go and eat.

This continue to happen for a while, even I myself, I think where this will result, I said since he doesn't propose to me, maybe he just love me as ordinary friend.

He introduced his best friend to me and he left me and his friend, we started to discuss and gist, later that his best friend asked me to give him my number, I wasn't insist, I did as he said, he then asked for my Facebook username if any, I gave it to him because I admired him a little.

We then left and later in the night, he called me and proposed to me, though it was so fast, but I told him that he should give me some times to think of it.

After some minutes, I received another call from the main person that normally help me, and he started telling me his own feelings, I couldn't hold on, I broke into tears because I already fall for his friend, though I didn't tell his friend yet that I have accepted his proposal.

He asked me the reason why I cried, I told him nothing, he then told me to visit him that night, though I was scared but when I remembered the past that I normally visit him in the night and he done nothing, I zero my mind and went to his house.

When I arrived there, to my surprise, he knelt down and beg me to accept his proposal.

I told him to give me sometimes to think about it.
I lied to him that I'm already in a relationship but the relationship is not strong, that he should give me sometimes to check if i will be able to break up with the current person that I'm dating now.

My question now is what should I do now, because I don't want the two best friends to have problem to each other just because of me.

If you where the one that is the this issue, what will be your decision?
Please I need answer as soon as possible.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

September 24, 2019

I don’t enjoy my marriage because of my mother in-law

I don’t enjoy my marriage because of my mother in-law

I don’t enjoy my marriage because of my mother in-law

I got marriage to my man after 8 years of dating each other.
Right from the first day that my man introducing me to his mother.
We sat together and gist together, before she started asking me about my parent and where I’m staying.
I answered everything in a polite manner, you know for the first day of visiting someone, you need to comport yourself.
When I started describing my parent, along the line she asks me to wait and she was surprise when I mention my dad name and where he is working.
She asked me again, are you the daughter of DR. Don? I answered yes.
I asked her, mum are you surprise?
Have you ever known him before?
All my questions turn to be rhetoric.
Even her song was surprise too and started calling her mum, what is going on, talk to us.
She told her son that she will talk to us later that she wants to rest. That is how she welcomed me the first day her son introduced me to her. I told my man that I need to go, already it was late.
After some months, though my man and I, we do see each other almost every day. He told me to follow him to village again, I insisted because I remembered how her mum ember raced me in the first day.
My man told me that if I don’t follow him to the village that I should forget about him. Once he mentioned that, I automatically change my mind and follow him, because I can`t lose him because of his mother.
When we reached the village, all his siblings came out and greeted us and assist us to remove everything in the car boot that my man bought for them. But when her mother came out and saw me, her face changed automatically but I rush and hug her and tell her how healthy she is, but she don’t care.
In the mid night, she called her son and started telling her that she doesn’t like me, that she had problem with my dad about four (4) years ago. She said there is nothing in this life which will make her to settle the problem with my dad.
Her son started pleaded on her to forget about any issued she had with my dad, that this is the time to settle the matter. My man said he can’t leave me just because she had problem with my dad.
In other to make the story short, we all solved the problem and we did our marriage successfully.
Now I have 3 children but my mother in-law has started the problem again.
Please what should I do?