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Friday, October 11, 2019

October 11, 2019

What could be your reaction if you where the one

What could be your reaction if you where the one?

I went to GT Bank hall yesterday, as I was
about entering the hall, a lady ran ahead of me
and pushed me away so she could quickly join
the long queue before I will get to the queue.
I did not say anything, she thought I will queue
up behind her but I was actually not there to
withdraw, I went to deposit.
So I walked to the deposit teller and I was the
only one there. No single person on the queue.
When I finished depositing, I was about leaving
the hall, when this lady came from the queue
and apologized to me for pushing me away
from the line.
With "sorry smile on her face"she said: I am
very sorry dear for pushing you away, I thought
you were coming to the queue to withdraw.......
I smiled and told her not to bother that it's not
a big deal.
Friends believe me I learned a big lesson from
that incident.
Who are you 'pushing' away and trying to
outrun in the race of destiny, relationship,
business, ministry, career, marriage, political
position or appointment, etc?
How many People have you pushed aside,
pushed away or pushed down in this platform
or this life?
Are you among those that destroy people
through pushing?
By slandering them, hindering their progress,
blocking their promotion, lying, backstabbing,
condemning them before their helpers,
backbiting, discriminate, and spoiling their good
names either through lies or rumor all in a bid
to 'get there' before them.
I challenge you today to take it easy because
you might not be going to the same destination.
Unknown to you the path may look alike but
your destinations are different.
It might surprise you later that, with all the
pushing away you are doing, or planning to do,
they may still leave you on the 'queue' of
destiny and go ahead of you.
Has anyone ever pushed you away, aside, or
down in your school, office, ministry, business,
marriage, church, political platform, social
Are they trying to push you away or have they
pushed you away already so that they can get
ahead of you?
Don't worry, God will use your case to prove to
them that, "it is not of him who runs, but of the
Lord that shows mercy. He will show you
mercy and give you an overtaking speed and
those who are pushing you here and there will
later come and tell you they are sorry.
Beloved friends;
Please push nobody! because you might not be
heading to the same destination.

Monday, October 7, 2019

October 07, 2019

Can you marry when you are not ready

Can you marry when you are not ready?

I need an advice, I mistakenly impregnate my girlfriend and her family are talking about marriage, as for me, am not ready to marry. Please friends what should I do?

I met one of my friends and told him what am passing through, he said:

He said am too young to marry but am not too young to have a child, I should either travel to another place and told the girl to wait for me, so that I will go and struggle and bring money to take care of her and my baby.

I Left him to the second person and the second person said:

He said the time we were making fun, I didn't know that I'm a young guy that anything can happen.
Since it happened in that way, that the right thing to do is to marry her and tell her family member to endure with me that one day I will come for consultation.

I was somehow thinking with the second person advice, though I was okay, my mind started telling me two things;

(1) I should follow the second person advice

(2) I should not follow the second person advice

I just say I should meet the last person and hear from it, I decided to meet a girl and told her my problem, she then said:

Since she is pregnant, that there is nothing I can do and since her family doesn't want her to Abort it. That the best advice she can give me is to familiarize with girl family, she said if I consider myself as too young to marry, that I could have earlier considered myself to young to engage myself in eating the bearded meat.

Please friends, your opinion will mean a lot to me, use the comment  and contribute your own idea, thanks.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

October 06, 2019

Is gambling an investment

Is gambling an investment?

I was looking for a place to invest money, so my mine told me to invest on gambling,  just decide to move around and ask my friends first if gambling is an investment.

The first brother that I asked said:

Gambling as never been an investment and it will never be, its just a game of luck and no one in this life has ever made it by luck, its only if you are blessed or grace.
 Take for instance if you win today how are you sure you are going to win tomorrow and next, someone who is bless is always handy, please find a better means in investing your money rather than gambling.
Gambling is also not a good thing for people who want to go into an investment because you're going to be investing a lot of money at risk of either gaining or losing. it is also very addictive so if you have not attempted It, it is best you stay away from it because the outcome might not be as good as it sounds.

I moved to the second person, she said:

As the time been gambling will never and can never be an investment, to me I see gambling as another name for luck. Gambling is just a thing you can do with a spare money, i.e money you know if you lose you will be find easily, and if you win it will be a plus to you.

The third person said:

When you gamble it's a lucky stuff and a 50/50 challenge and it can as be seen as a business and in every business is either you win or you lose. So I don't think there is any investment out there that deals with either you win or you lose. That's why I said its never an investment.

The fourth person said:

Gambling isn't bad when you have more than enough money.
As long as you're not using all the money you have on you at that moment because you could end up loosing your money. Its not an investment. Its just luck, You might be lucky and you might not be lucky but you cannot rely on gambling.

The fifth person said:

Gambling can never an investment. It is just a game and like every game one is bound to win or loss. It is just winning by a stroke of luck nothing else. So therefore huge amounts of money is not supposed to be put into gambling. Although winning can be quite exiting and addictive.
It is their ignorance that makes them to take gambling as an investment gambling is not an investment because you can only profit from it once in a blue Moon, after you won for the first time you will be addicted to it and gambling can lead to failure in one's life and can make someone not to have anything as his/her own as all the person earn is spent on gambling it also lead to laziness.

The sixth person said:

In actual fact I can't say NO nether can I say yes. Cause gambling has been a good investment to some people even it serves as daily income to some people. But as for me it's a bad investment. I do play it. Especially bet9ja I cant remember d Day av one.. Ad I spent more money to invest, ad I didn't win. Always loss.

The seventh person said:

A good investment is something you’re sure to make gain from and you clearly know how the gain is going to come about; and gambling is the exact opposite because you’re not sure of winning. It’s a 50/50 chance, you could lose all and still win all. Going into something and hoping for luck to make you make profit isn’t good for investors.
Gambling can never be seen or used as investment, it is a game of risk a day if a person is not careful it can make a rich man poor overnight. Make good investment with your money, an investment that do not require so much risk. So you can have a peaceful rest at night.

 Your own opinion might help me alot, I require the best from you, use the comment box.
October 06, 2019

Between mother and father which one should we love most

Between mother and father which one should we love most

Today I was just feel like asking some of my friends out concerning family matters, Between mother and father which one should we love most.

I definitely came out with some good results in which you too can learn a lesson from it and can also add your own opinion through commsent box.

I met the First person, he said:

To me, both deserves the love of their children/kids, both are working very hard in their various departments to see to the well being of their kids, their is this ideology that runs through Africans mind that is suppose to be buried, non deserves more love, this can only come in where the other is misbehaving and have refused t take correction. My opinion though.

second person said:

It is normal for a child to love the mother more because the mother spends time with the children than the father but I would say the love should not be one sided afterall the father tries his best in making sure the family is comfortable and we'll taken care of.

Third person said:

Your mother, mothers are wonderful creatures, their love is indescribable, even if is thunder that strike where you are, the first she will think of you the child but not the other way round. They are always there even if you offend them. They noture you, take care of you infacts cry on your behalf, they are wondeful. Considering the facts that I am a man but I gave them respects because they really Care.

I move to the fourth person and he said:

Definitely is mother because she is the one we always see around and she is the one who always be by our side but Even father can gain more Love from his/her child, it depends on how he shows concern to his son or daughter.

Fifth person said:

 think its the mother because even if the father is providing financially for the child it is the mom that shows the child care, attention and teaches him good moral.
A child without a mom has a high tendency to engage in bad activities cause he didn't get enough love and attention which the father won't give much because he's busy making money for the family.

To me, I enjoyed this number sixth person, she said:

Every Child should love their parents equally. Each parent has his or her own role to play. Just that mothers are usually around the children. Also note that in most cases, the father contributes more than 80% of the family's welfare. Both should be loved equally.

Your opinion matters alot, we can combine our knowledge together and build our nation, drop your own opinion below.

Monday, September 30, 2019

September 30, 2019

What Can You Do With 3 Million Naira

What Can You Do With 3 Million Naira

What Can You Do With 3 Million Naira

There is one thing that was bordering me, so i decided to share with with my friends concerning what I can do with 3 million naira.

So I met the first person and ask what he can do with such amount of money.
He said:
He assumed I  had cloths before the 3million came, so buying clothes immediately is out of the picture. If he is the one, he will look for a nice business that he can set up with that money so it can grow it.
When you get money and you don't invest with it, you will end up loosing everything.

I met the second person, he said:

If I had 3million naira,I know my life would take a turn to be better one.

Apart from taking a little for feeding and upkeep.

The remaining amount is going to be used for investment and learning new business strategy to earn money i.e like leaning mini importation business from China.

Third person said:

For me, I will get two plots of land in my village for 1 million. Then I will get a direct fairly used bus for like 1.5 or 1 million.
I will either use the bus for transportation business in case if am still searching for a job or I will give it out to one to be paying me daily returns if I can't do the transport business myself. The returns from the bus business is enough to be a boss later. The remaining 5 hundred thousand naira from the 3 million, I will use to start communication business (card vendor, and POS agent)
if am unemployed and I will look for someone  and employee to run for me if am engaged in other source of income.

Fourth person:

With 3million naira i can never be poor in my life. I have no other option than to invest it on my present business that needs financing badly. I will expand the business and upgrade to maximize profit in a year to come I would have made 6m profit from the business.

For me these are the things I will spend it on:

1. Buy land worth 300,000

2. Build a 3 bedroom flat worth 1.2million

3. Buy a multi-purpose car 400,000

4. Invest 500,000 in livestock business

5. Give my family 200,000

6. Reserve 400, 000 for any other pressing need in the future.

Fifth person:

For me, 3 million is not a small money and it can be used to acquire some human wants but trust me, you should take out 500,000 Thousand for your personal upkeep, save 500,000 in the bank and use the remaining 2,000,000 for business. After a year or two, this business will multiply and you can use the profit to acquire whatever you want. Be business minded.

Sixth person:

3 million is not that much a fortune, but with wisdom, investing it in a viable business you can make yourself a fortune out if it. For me personally, I will divide it into three, invest 1 million in my personal business for more profitability, establish my wife with 1 million trading business which I will personally monitor, keep remaining 1 million in the bank as backup.

Seventh person:

To me,i will start by buying lands then i will look for universities to build a lodge.Lodges is a very good investment though people are blind to this because of the cost of building a lodge.check if maybe you have 15 room and 1 room is 150k when multiplied you get around 1.5M yearly.

Eighth person said:

To me that's a very huge amount of money that should be managed properly,.

Firstly I will have to settle down and reason well ,which is making plans on how I should manage the money.

Secondly ,is to use it and invest into a business

Thirdly,give some of the money to the less privileged

Fourth, use some of it to thank God in church then reserve the rest into the invested business of mine

Nineth person said:

Though 3 million is a huge but if you are not careful with spending you can finish it within months. First is to settle bills, give your parents a reasonable amount, buy a land because it appreciates. Then think of a lucrative business with the remaining balance, with the profit you make from the business you can start developing the land and even think of other business to do.

If I get three million naira, I would get a plot of land and invest into agriculture because everything now revolves around agriculture.

People need agricultural products to survive in this life.

Which such investment, you would be rich forever. In the next 5 years you would be a multi millionaire.

I will try to set up a standard accomodation for living then plan on business investment that will return my money with gain.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

September 29, 2019

How can you remember what you read

How can you remember what you read?

This particular topic might happen to most of us, today I decided to go around my friends and get some idea from them.
This happen to me when I was in secondary school, whenever I read especially during the examination period, I'll read and and capture most of what I read but  when I got to the exam hall it happen to me that I forgot everything I've read but after the exam I'll now remember when I'm going through the questions after the exam. it give me alot of time to know myself.
I later realize that, the right time for me to read is during normal time, not until examtime
the type of friend to move with after I repeat a class.

the first person said:

You know it is needful to be present in classes. our brains have a way of assimilation.  Attending classes are important to me it enables me to remember easily.
Reading the material on time reduces the pressure of learning it during a short time so I prefer not reading under pressure. Also I rest when I am supposed to if it's either to take a walk or even find something to eat because I can't assimilate on an empty stomach.

when I met the second person,
The second person said:

One of the best solutions is to start on time. There's nothing bad in having an idea of what is being taught in class, it's so easy nowadays with the help of google,  so start on time and start reading your notes everyday, don't leave them overnight. Don't just read for reading sake, read it like hours are really untreated in knowing what is in the book and make jottings  during your free time instead of just gisting and playing away your time everytime pick one or two minutes and try and meditate on what you've read previously,  sit in front in class and during classes keep your mind active and alert,  ready to ask questions in every class that way your brain is actively involved in the learning process. Don't feel shy to ask questions ,  because they are not the ones that is paying your school fees for you.

third person said:

At a point in life, we tend to lose while we win and we tend to win while we lose. This is because, no one in life has never in one way or another fail, so life has its Up's and Down's. God is the only brilliancy behind every brain, you stick to him then you still to success at last.
 believe in class attendance because sometimes there are some illusion or additional point the teacher will say while explaining that you couldn't find in your note which might helps you during the exam.
One thing is certain, practice turns perfect. To have a sense of recall of what was done then you need to prepare yourself against every folds of backwardness. As a teacher, I've always told my products to make it a point of achievement having dedicated their time to reading oftentimes then also pray to God for a retentive memory which is more important.

The fourth person said:

Reading to remember starts from class, when lecturer is delivering lecture I listen with rapt attention and I picture even the lecturer's demonstration. So when I start to read, it seems like I am revising what I've read before.

fifth person said:

Its was very had for me back then in school.i don't remember anything i read during the exams,but i learn that i need to read where there is noise and it would get into my deep brain and would be easily remember during the exam.

The six person said:

Reading to me is really interesting. But trying to remember what we have read is difficult, try and do away with all forms of distractions and read it twice or thrice because the more u see or read a sentence the more you can remember it.

You too can drop your own opinion.

 No body said, before you want to read, you need to pray to God, he is the over power, he his the one that make all the impossible to be possible.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

September 24, 2019

How can I ask my best friend to return my borrowed money

How can I ask my best friend to return my borrowed money?

How can I ask my best friend to return my borrowed money?

How can I ask my best friend to return my borrowed money?

It happened to me six month ago, since my best friend came and borrowed me some money.
He promise to return the money  in due time, because of him being my pet friend I decided to give him the money so that he can use it and solve his problem.
This is making six month, he doesn’t even talk about the money and I don’t want to have problem with him.
I remembered the time I was the same issue, he was the one that help me out but it was not up to a month, he started given me notice to return the money.
He did not know that the world is rotating, now is my turn to ask him about my own. If you observe this kind of people, if they owe you money, it always hard for them to return it, they wouldn’t care if you  were helping them or not.

Now my question is, how can I asked this my best friend to return the money without getting problem with him?

 I don’t want to have problem with him. But I’m seriously in need of money.
Please your opinion will be highly welcome.
Assume you are in the same issue, what will you do to solve this kind of problem in an amicable manner?