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Saturday, February 1, 2020

what you don't know about red and calipha

This leaf common Know as (Red and Calipha) cure's what the Yoruba call ELA and ALEFO in children.
And it also control's and reduce the level of high blood pressure and diabetes in the body.
Get a reasonable quantity of the leaf. Rinse it very well...
For children/ baby, boil it for up to 30mins, pour it in a bowl to cool a little bit or Mixed it with ordinary water.
Use it to bath the child with any soap but our local black will aid it actions.
Then towel the child and cream with Shea butter or kernel oil.
Give the child some of it to drink....
For high blood pressure and diabetes get a reasonable quantity of the leaf squeeze the leaves and sieve it, then take about two to three spoons morning, afternoon and night.
Better still you can dry it and blend it and keep it in a can take it directly or Add into hot pap for consumption...

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