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Monday, January 20, 2020

what akwa ibom man posted about his state

It has just been brought to my attention that Akwa Ibom State PDP Stakeholders including Church Pastors that should have been in the Church today preaching are on the streets in Akwa Ibom State protesting against the Supreme Court judgement of Imo State.

My Questions Are:

Can Imo State protest in Imo State against any judgement in Akwa Ibom State that has to do with Akwa Ibom State?
Why can't we protest for the Retired Teachers that are yet to be paid?
Why can't we protest about minimum wages?
Has Politics taken over our Sense of Reasoning?
Where is our Conscience and human Sympathy?
Akwa Ibomites have gone mad and it's time to sit back and think because Al is not well.
Imagine this embarrassment that some men created just to make more money from it and I'm pretty sure that some people will build a new houses and purchase new cars from this silly protest if it's true while many will walk the street all day long with black and black without getting a sachet of water.
Youths, Be Wise Because You're Getting Older And Youths Were Said To Be The Leaders Of Tomorrow And That Tomorrow Is Today.
I sincerely feel so stupid to come from Akwa Ibom State has has anything in connection with Akwa Ibomites.
Da Zion Umoh

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