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Tuesday, January 28, 2020



He calls you (with his airtime), and asks how you are doing, if you have eaten, you immediately open your mouth wide and start to complain like Lasisi Elenu and tell him why hasn't he called you since morning, he's not caring, he apologizes and begs and begs, few minutes later he ends the call exasperated from all the begging.
Later on a neighbor of his who has been eyeing him calls him (with her airtime) and asks him if he has eaten, and how is he doing, her act makes him feel valued.

You are going to visit him, he's tired, but in an attempt to impress you, he enters the kitchen and prepares rice and Stew for you, you spread you self like wrapper and eat to you full. You tell him he's romantic
He comes to visit you, you were aware he was coming, he actually came hungry, you didn't cook, just like his last visit..
You were tired, he says no problem. You buy him Coke and gala.
Whereas that neighbor of his is constantly loading him with assorted foods prepared from her kitchen, you are commending him for adding weight and looking fresh these days, his neighbors food is the secret oh.

Your birthday, he bought you a pair of red Balenciaga Sneakers, and took you out.
His birthday, you bought him singlet and tooth brush, because you don't have money, do women ever have money?
His neighbor bought him a leather belt and 12 pair of stockings.

You fell sick, he almost stopped work just to take care of you.
He fell sick, you called him in the morning, one ring he didn't pick, you sent a get well message,
That was all.
You went to see him later in the evening empty handed.
His neighbor prepared pepper soup with catfish and visited him, with get well card on top.

Aunty, be honest, assuming you were this Man, which of these two Ladies would you want to marry?
This message is for some ladies.
Relationships aren't meant to revolve around one gender.
Relationships aren't designed to make one gender happy while the other gender slaves around happy or not.
Everybody should Spend, Money, airtime.. Etc
Everybody should check on Everybody
Don't Come and tell me somebody snatched your boyfriend oh.
The Man that you have, please take care of him, if you can't or don't want to, please don't be selfish and wicked, allow someone else who can to take over.
Men's happiness Matter too.

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