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Wednesday, December 18, 2019



"As one who is of the opinion that bipartisan approach should be adopted to solve our problems, and given another chance, I'll still support the leadership of Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, I urge you all at any point of leadership to lend a hand of friendship to persons across party to tame unnecessary criticisms for our common good"
"Today is not a rally. We are done with rallies. I'm here to listen to you on the issues that you feel the voice of this Federal constituency should be heard in Nigeria."
Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke while speaking at the Constituency parley at Etinan Local Government Council Secretariat today.
"What we thought you were, you have demonstrated it. You've made us proud. I'm glad I supported this cause. We sent you to go and represent us, and within six months, you've come back to brief us.
Otuekong Idongesit Nkanga
"My coming here today shows that my representative Onofiok Luke is doing exceedingly well. He has not disappointed us. During the campaigns, I made it clear that I had confidence in his ability and capacity to serve. I assure him of my continued support in all ramifications."
Rt. Hon. Sam Ikon
"Barr. Onofiok Luke has not disappointed us ,so far and we are proud of you"
- Rt. Hon. Barr. Dennis Akpan, member representing Etinan State Constituency speaking on behalf of other House members from the federal constituencies
"The issue raised here will serve as a guiding light in my engagement in the Federal House of Representatives"
"Within the next 1year, we are going to gather in a large way for the constituency briefing."
" I will be engaging with the farmers during the farming season and also the students too. Same goes with the traditional institution, elders and Stakeholders in the Federal constituency."
"I will use my position as a Member of the security committee to improve the improve the security apparatus of the federal constituency."
"I will keep partnering with the state Governor towards ensuring that his Completion Agenda is achieved."
"I requested for the following things while supporting the Speaker of the Federal House of Assembly.
They include:
1. Maritime Academy
2. Ibom Airline getting license from NCAA
3. Chairman & Vice Chairman of Committees
4. Calabar-Itu road
" The hate speech bill isn't before us yet and I haven't read it. I will not lend my voice to any bill that will restrain the freedom of speech of the people as enshrine in the constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria. I will stand on the part of Nigerians which do not want the hate speech bill."
" Nobody should play politics with the Calabar-Itu highway. We need to do away with party division and come together to build this state"
" Elections are over so let's come together to develop Akwa Ibom State. Whether you're in PDP, APC or any other political party, let's come together and drag development to our state"
Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke while responding to questions and suggestions raised at the Constituency parley at Etinan local Government Secretariat today.
"It has always been my belief that democracy should be participatory and that the people who holds power should be held accountable. That's why there's a need to return to your people to share your achievements and challenges in the office you hold."
"It is a period like this that we gather people together to discuss issues which affect them from the unit to the ward level"
"We said that we would be a voice to be held and not to be compromise. To God be the Glory, that voice has been heard."
"We have been at the floor of the National Assembly to discuss matters that affects this state as a whole especially the roads that leads to and out of this state."
"The establishment of the Ibom Deep Seaport which is part of the Completion Agenda of Governor Udom Emmanuel ,has been well echoed by myself and the other members of the Green and Red Chambers. We will continue to appeal strongly to the Federal Government to give us license for the operation of the Deep Seaport"
"On 11th June, 2019 your voice was the 4th elected voice to heard on the floor of the assembly. I seconded the motion for the nomination of the Deputy Speaker."
"There was a lot of noise on my defection but today I want to say that am proudly a member of the Peoples Democratic Party."
"This hand isn't just mine alone and that's why when I lift it up, it is honoured."
"I want you to stand firm and support the Completion Agenda of Governor Udom Emmanuel and I believe that once the Supreme Court gives their judgement, He will do his best to attend to all matters that concerns this state"
"Thank you for finding me worthy to speak for you in the House of Representatives"
"May God bless Hon. Dan Akpan for his support to me and making this town hall meeting a success"
"Ensure to make your demands according to the duties of the legislature which is oversight function, lawmaking and representation."
- Rt. Hon. Barr. Onofiok Luke at the ongoing Constituency parley at Etinan Local Government Council Secretariat.

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