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Thursday, October 10, 2019

What should I do two best friends Ask me out

Two best friends Ask me out

It happened to me today in school.

There is one man that normally help me and do most of my things including shopping.
Sometimes when I'm hungry, I will call him and tell him that I'm hungry and he will said I should either come house and eat or he will send me some money to go and eat.

This continue to happen for a while, even I myself, I think where this will result, I said since he doesn't propose to me, maybe he just love me as ordinary friend.

He introduced his best friend to me and he left me and his friend, we started to discuss and gist, later that his best friend asked me to give him my number, I wasn't insist, I did as he said, he then asked for my Facebook username if any, I gave it to him because I admired him a little.

We then left and later in the night, he called me and proposed to me, though it was so fast, but I told him that he should give me some times to think of it.

After some minutes, I received another call from the main person that normally help me, and he started telling me his own feelings, I couldn't hold on, I broke into tears because I already fall for his friend, though I didn't tell his friend yet that I have accepted his proposal.

He asked me the reason why I cried, I told him nothing, he then told me to visit him that night, though I was scared but when I remembered the past that I normally visit him in the night and he done nothing, I zero my mind and went to his house.

When I arrived there, to my surprise, he knelt down and beg me to accept his proposal.

I told him to give me sometimes to think about it.
I lied to him that I'm already in a relationship but the relationship is not strong, that he should give me sometimes to check if i will be able to break up with the current person that I'm dating now.

My question now is what should I do now, because I don't want the two best friends to have problem to each other just because of me.

If you where the one that is the this issue, what will be your decision?
Please I need answer as soon as possible.

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