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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Is gambling an investment

Is gambling an investment?

I was looking for a place to invest money, so my mine told me to invest on gambling,  just decide to move around and ask my friends first if gambling is an investment.

The first brother that I asked said:

Gambling as never been an investment and it will never be, its just a game of luck and no one in this life has ever made it by luck, its only if you are blessed or grace.
 Take for instance if you win today how are you sure you are going to win tomorrow and next, someone who is bless is always handy, please find a better means in investing your money rather than gambling.
Gambling is also not a good thing for people who want to go into an investment because you're going to be investing a lot of money at risk of either gaining or losing. it is also very addictive so if you have not attempted It, it is best you stay away from it because the outcome might not be as good as it sounds.

I moved to the second person, she said:

As the time been gambling will never and can never be an investment, to me I see gambling as another name for luck. Gambling is just a thing you can do with a spare money, i.e money you know if you lose you will be find easily, and if you win it will be a plus to you.

The third person said:

When you gamble it's a lucky stuff and a 50/50 challenge and it can as be seen as a business and in every business is either you win or you lose. So I don't think there is any investment out there that deals with either you win or you lose. That's why I said its never an investment.

The fourth person said:

Gambling isn't bad when you have more than enough money.
As long as you're not using all the money you have on you at that moment because you could end up loosing your money. Its not an investment. Its just luck, You might be lucky and you might not be lucky but you cannot rely on gambling.

The fifth person said:

Gambling can never an investment. It is just a game and like every game one is bound to win or loss. It is just winning by a stroke of luck nothing else. So therefore huge amounts of money is not supposed to be put into gambling. Although winning can be quite exiting and addictive.
It is their ignorance that makes them to take gambling as an investment gambling is not an investment because you can only profit from it once in a blue Moon, after you won for the first time you will be addicted to it and gambling can lead to failure in one's life and can make someone not to have anything as his/her own as all the person earn is spent on gambling it also lead to laziness.

The sixth person said:

In actual fact I can't say NO nether can I say yes. Cause gambling has been a good investment to some people even it serves as daily income to some people. But as for me it's a bad investment. I do play it. Especially bet9ja I cant remember d Day av one.. Ad I spent more money to invest, ad I didn't win. Always loss.

The seventh person said:

A good investment is something you’re sure to make gain from and you clearly know how the gain is going to come about; and gambling is the exact opposite because you’re not sure of winning. It’s a 50/50 chance, you could lose all and still win all. Going into something and hoping for luck to make you make profit isn’t good for investors.
Gambling can never be seen or used as investment, it is a game of risk a day if a person is not careful it can make a rich man poor overnight. Make good investment with your money, an investment that do not require so much risk. So you can have a peaceful rest at night.

 Your own opinion might help me alot, I require the best from you, use the comment box.

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