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Monday, October 7, 2019

Can you marry when you are not ready

Can you marry when you are not ready?

I need an advice, I mistakenly impregnate my girlfriend and her family are talking about marriage, as for me, am not ready to marry. Please friends what should I do?

I met one of my friends and told him what am passing through, he said:

He said am too young to marry but am not too young to have a child, I should either travel to another place and told the girl to wait for me, so that I will go and struggle and bring money to take care of her and my baby.

I Left him to the second person and the second person said:

He said the time we were making fun, I didn't know that I'm a young guy that anything can happen.
Since it happened in that way, that the right thing to do is to marry her and tell her family member to endure with me that one day I will come for consultation.

I was somehow thinking with the second person advice, though I was okay, my mind started telling me two things;

(1) I should follow the second person advice

(2) I should not follow the second person advice

I just say I should meet the last person and hear from it, I decided to meet a girl and told her my problem, she then said:

Since she is pregnant, that there is nothing I can do and since her family doesn't want her to Abort it. That the best advice she can give me is to familiarize with girl family, she said if I consider myself as too young to marry, that I could have earlier considered myself to young to engage myself in eating the bearded meat.

Please friends, your opinion will mean a lot to me, use the comment  and contribute your own idea, thanks.

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