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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Between mother and father which one should we love most

Between mother and father which one should we love most

Today I was just feel like asking some of my friends out concerning family matters, Between mother and father which one should we love most.

I definitely came out with some good results in which you too can learn a lesson from it and can also add your own opinion through commsent box.

I met the First person, he said:

To me, both deserves the love of their children/kids, both are working very hard in their various departments to see to the well being of their kids, their is this ideology that runs through Africans mind that is suppose to be buried, non deserves more love, this can only come in where the other is misbehaving and have refused t take correction. My opinion though.

second person said:

It is normal for a child to love the mother more because the mother spends time with the children than the father but I would say the love should not be one sided afterall the father tries his best in making sure the family is comfortable and we'll taken care of.

Third person said:

Your mother, mothers are wonderful creatures, their love is indescribable, even if is thunder that strike where you are, the first she will think of you the child but not the other way round. They are always there even if you offend them. They noture you, take care of you infacts cry on your behalf, they are wondeful. Considering the facts that I am a man but I gave them respects because they really Care.

I move to the fourth person and he said:

Definitely is mother because she is the one we always see around and she is the one who always be by our side but Even father can gain more Love from his/her child, it depends on how he shows concern to his son or daughter.

Fifth person said:

 think its the mother because even if the father is providing financially for the child it is the mom that shows the child care, attention and teaches him good moral.
A child without a mom has a high tendency to engage in bad activities cause he didn't get enough love and attention which the father won't give much because he's busy making money for the family.

To me, I enjoyed this number sixth person, she said:

Every Child should love their parents equally. Each parent has his or her own role to play. Just that mothers are usually around the children. Also note that in most cases, the father contributes more than 80% of the family's welfare. Both should be loved equally.

Your opinion matters alot, we can combine our knowledge together and build our nation, drop your own opinion below.

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