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Monday, September 30, 2019

What Can You Do With 3 Million Naira

What Can You Do With 3 Million Naira

What Can You Do With 3 Million Naira

There is one thing that was bordering me, so i decided to share with with my friends concerning what I can do with 3 million naira.

So I met the first person and ask what he can do with such amount of money.
He said:
He assumed I  had cloths before the 3million came, so buying clothes immediately is out of the picture. If he is the one, he will look for a nice business that he can set up with that money so it can grow it.
When you get money and you don't invest with it, you will end up loosing everything.

I met the second person, he said:

If I had 3million naira,I know my life would take a turn to be better one.

Apart from taking a little for feeding and upkeep.

The remaining amount is going to be used for investment and learning new business strategy to earn money i.e like leaning mini importation business from China.

Third person said:

For me, I will get two plots of land in my village for 1 million. Then I will get a direct fairly used bus for like 1.5 or 1 million.
I will either use the bus for transportation business in case if am still searching for a job or I will give it out to one to be paying me daily returns if I can't do the transport business myself. The returns from the bus business is enough to be a boss later. The remaining 5 hundred thousand naira from the 3 million, I will use to start communication business (card vendor, and POS agent)
if am unemployed and I will look for someone  and employee to run for me if am engaged in other source of income.

Fourth person:

With 3million naira i can never be poor in my life. I have no other option than to invest it on my present business that needs financing badly. I will expand the business and upgrade to maximize profit in a year to come I would have made 6m profit from the business.

For me these are the things I will spend it on:

1. Buy land worth 300,000

2. Build a 3 bedroom flat worth 1.2million

3. Buy a multi-purpose car 400,000

4. Invest 500,000 in livestock business

5. Give my family 200,000

6. Reserve 400, 000 for any other pressing need in the future.

Fifth person:

For me, 3 million is not a small money and it can be used to acquire some human wants but trust me, you should take out 500,000 Thousand for your personal upkeep, save 500,000 in the bank and use the remaining 2,000,000 for business. After a year or two, this business will multiply and you can use the profit to acquire whatever you want. Be business minded.

Sixth person:

3 million is not that much a fortune, but with wisdom, investing it in a viable business you can make yourself a fortune out if it. For me personally, I will divide it into three, invest 1 million in my personal business for more profitability, establish my wife with 1 million trading business which I will personally monitor, keep remaining 1 million in the bank as backup.

Seventh person:

To me,i will start by buying lands then i will look for universities to build a lodge.Lodges is a very good investment though people are blind to this because of the cost of building a lodge.check if maybe you have 15 room and 1 room is 150k when multiplied you get around 1.5M yearly.

Eighth person said:

To me that's a very huge amount of money that should be managed properly,.

Firstly I will have to settle down and reason well ,which is making plans on how I should manage the money.

Secondly ,is to use it and invest into a business

Thirdly,give some of the money to the less privileged

Fourth, use some of it to thank God in church then reserve the rest into the invested business of mine

Nineth person said:

Though 3 million is a huge but if you are not careful with spending you can finish it within months. First is to settle bills, give your parents a reasonable amount, buy a land because it appreciates. Then think of a lucrative business with the remaining balance, with the profit you make from the business you can start developing the land and even think of other business to do.

If I get three million naira, I would get a plot of land and invest into agriculture because everything now revolves around agriculture.

People need agricultural products to survive in this life.

Which such investment, you would be rich forever. In the next 5 years you would be a multi millionaire.

I will try to set up a standard accomodation for living then plan on business investment that will return my money with gain.

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