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Sunday, September 29, 2019

How can you remember what you read

How can you remember what you read?

This particular topic might happen to most of us, today I decided to go around my friends and get some idea from them.
This happen to me when I was in secondary school, whenever I read especially during the examination period, I'll read and and capture most of what I read but  when I got to the exam hall it happen to me that I forgot everything I've read but after the exam I'll now remember when I'm going through the questions after the exam. it give me alot of time to know myself.
I later realize that, the right time for me to read is during normal time, not until examtime
the type of friend to move with after I repeat a class.

the first person said:

You know it is needful to be present in classes. our brains have a way of assimilation.  Attending classes are important to me it enables me to remember easily.
Reading the material on time reduces the pressure of learning it during a short time so I prefer not reading under pressure. Also I rest when I am supposed to if it's either to take a walk or even find something to eat because I can't assimilate on an empty stomach.

when I met the second person,
The second person said:

One of the best solutions is to start on time. There's nothing bad in having an idea of what is being taught in class, it's so easy nowadays with the help of google,  so start on time and start reading your notes everyday, don't leave them overnight. Don't just read for reading sake, read it like hours are really untreated in knowing what is in the book and make jottings  during your free time instead of just gisting and playing away your time everytime pick one or two minutes and try and meditate on what you've read previously,  sit in front in class and during classes keep your mind active and alert,  ready to ask questions in every class that way your brain is actively involved in the learning process. Don't feel shy to ask questions ,  because they are not the ones that is paying your school fees for you.

third person said:

At a point in life, we tend to lose while we win and we tend to win while we lose. This is because, no one in life has never in one way or another fail, so life has its Up's and Down's. God is the only brilliancy behind every brain, you stick to him then you still to success at last.
 believe in class attendance because sometimes there are some illusion or additional point the teacher will say while explaining that you couldn't find in your note which might helps you during the exam.
One thing is certain, practice turns perfect. To have a sense of recall of what was done then you need to prepare yourself against every folds of backwardness. As a teacher, I've always told my products to make it a point of achievement having dedicated their time to reading oftentimes then also pray to God for a retentive memory which is more important.

The fourth person said:

Reading to remember starts from class, when lecturer is delivering lecture I listen with rapt attention and I picture even the lecturer's demonstration. So when I start to read, it seems like I am revising what I've read before.

fifth person said:

Its was very had for me back then in school.i don't remember anything i read during the exams,but i learn that i need to read where there is noise and it would get into my deep brain and would be easily remember during the exam.

The six person said:

Reading to me is really interesting. But trying to remember what we have read is difficult, try and do away with all forms of distractions and read it twice or thrice because the more u see or read a sentence the more you can remember it.

You too can drop your own opinion.

 No body said, before you want to read, you need to pray to God, he is the over power, he his the one that make all the impossible to be possible.

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